Doug Ranalli, NetNumber Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

5G Is Here But Different: Mobile operators are starting to deploy 5G use-cases that focus on taking advantage of the RAN benefits of 5G without making any changes to the core network. This is great news because we’re still working to build-out 4G core network functionality including LTE and VoLTE roaming. Nice to see 5G move forward without derailing ongoing 4G progress.

NFV Is 10-Year Process: NFV isn’t as sexy in 2018 as it was in previous years but that’s because we’ve moved into the realm of “real work”. The transition of networks for “all software” is going to take 10-years or more. It’s a big change. Lots of benefits will accrue to the industry. No need to lose faith – NFV (or some variant of an all software network) is inevitable.

IoT Is Everywhere: Great to see so many real-world IoT use-cases being showcased this year. Expecting to see nothing but steady growth in deployment of IoT endpoints in the coming years. Still plenty of details to be worked out in the whole ecosystem but all signs are encouraging.

Security Is Everyone’s Business: Nice to see continued industry focus on securing our communications networks. I expect to see big improvements in end-to-end signaling-security capabilities emerge in 2018. Anticipating another year of security innovation this year that we’ll all showcase at MWC 2019. Hotel rooms are already booked!

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