Partnered with Heavy Reading to Define, Execute and Analyze the Survey Results

LOWELL, MA. — Nov. 4, 2021 — NetNumber announced today that it has released a custom research survey report that identifies and analyzes the trends in Communication Service Providers (CSPs) deployments of Number Portability (NP).  NetNumber jointly developed this custom survey with Heavy Reading to document preferred NP routing data architectures, NP Service Providers (NPSPs) selection attributes, and NP routing data implementation challenges. The survey focused on several strategic markets specifically Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Some of the key findings were:

  • 78% of the respondents rely on NP for data traffic routing.
  • For those that do use NP data, most respondents were satisfied with the performance of their NP data solutions. Areas with the highest scores were data security at 75%; capex and opex impacts at 70%; and scalability and flexibility at 70%.
  • 71% of the respondents reported that complexity in working with their NP service providers was a concern and nearly 20% of those respondents used more than 10 different NPSPs. Overwhelmingly, 67% of those CSPs would switch to a single provider to mitigate and or eliminate the complexity.

Number Portability is a critical network capability that enables fixed and mobile subscribers to switch from one CSP to another while keeping their own, existing phone number.  Although NP is successfully deployed and operational in today’s networks it does alter how calls are routed and terminated.  Consequently, CSPs bear the responsibility and burden to ensure that network routing procedures are up to date and as such they ensure successful call completion.

“The input from the research confirms that a majority of CSPs in these regions are committed to utilizing NP data,  but they are focusing on simplifying the  operational impacts,” said Jim Hodges, research director, Heavy Reading.

“The survey confirmed our position that Number Portability is a valuable and essential element of call completion,” said Matt Rosenberg, chief revenue officer, NetNumber.   “One of the more notable findings was that network complexity continues to be a real issue.  What is clear from the data is that by minimizing the number of vendors being used to deploy NP, they will simplify operations and take out some of the inherent risk in ensuring call completion.  We are grateful for the work that was put into this survey by the Heavy Reading team.”

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