LOWELL, Mass. — Aug. 8, 2017 — NetNumber announced today the successful deployment of its Signaling Firewall application by a major global mobile operator to protect SS7 international mobile roaming traffic for the operator group, its affiliates and its subscribers—including MVNOs. NetNumber has seen increasing adoption of its SS7 and Diameter signaling firewall applications, with recent deployments at several Tier 1 operators across North America, Europe and the Middle East. The NetNumber signaling firewall can protect from new threats that have expanded on SS7 networks with the introduction of SIGTRAN and from the lower cost of accessing these SS7 networks for potential attacks. By creating a secure perimeter for roaming, operators can protect their networks against SS7 attacks, avoid banking and authentication fraud via SMS, and shield customer privacy—thereby, reducing customer churn and retaining customer loyalty. Additionally, operators can create new security services for enterprises and MVNOs for additional revenue opportunities.

In the SS7 network, trust is the basis for network operation. However, the threat landscape has become more sophisticated and now includes attacks on the SS7 network. Operators have opened up information sources like the HLR to facilitate mobility within and across network(s), along with procedures to query and return information. In an environment where trust is the premise for operation, many protocols and procedures are not capable of detecting fraudulent activity. Attempts at creating internal security within the SS7 stack have been done, but have proven to be easily circumvented by existing and emerging threats.

The NetNumber SS7 Firewall application is delivered in the TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform. The application provides multi-layer SS7 protocol stack threat evaluation (MTP3 layer, SCCP layer, TCAP layer, MAP/CAMEL layer) and augments and enhances other SS7 applications available on TITAN including STP, HLR, EIR, and SCP. The NetNumber SS7 Firewall covers full protection against the threats as identified and categorized by the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG), and provides a flexible programmable environment to address network specific vulnerabilities, and a guarantee for operators to deal with future threats the operator’s network my face. The NetNumber SS7 Firewall is part of the multi-protocol NetNumber Signaling Firewall solution, so enabling a seamless transition to Diameter including the protection against combined SS7/Diameter attack vectors.

“Telecom operators are concerned with protecting their SS7 signaling networks, noting repeated incidents and the potential impact of such incidents on an operator’s reputation,” said Matt Rosenberg, senior vice president of NetNumber Global Sales. “Operators are looking for solutions that can protect customer data, ensure quality of service, prevent network failures and block malicious attacks. The NetNumber SS7 Firewall application in TITAN has been selected by a growing number of operators for unprecedented protection.”

In 2016, NetNumber took the initiative in the GSMA FASG to define industry requirements for an SS7 signaling firewall. The resulting guidelines are specified in GSMA standard FS.11 v3.0. As operators transition to networks using Diameter- or SIP-based communications, interworking of signaling control protocols complicates security and exposes further threats. For Diameter, a similar standardization track has also been coordinated by NetNumber in the GSMA FASG, resulting in GSMA standard FS.19 v2.0. In this context, the NetNumber Signaling Firewall is the well suited to support operators in this technology transition.

Learn more about NetNumber TITAN and the SS7 Signaling Firewall by contacting sales@netnumber.com.

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