LOWELL, Mass. — Dec. 15, 2015 — NetNumber announced today the results of its NFV solution testing on Intel® architecture.

NetNumber recently deployed its TITAN platform on OpenStack Kilo and Intel architecture using the Data Plane Development Kit, achieving an improvement of more than 40% in network transaction processing over the same configuration on OpenStack Juno. For network operators, this improvement translates to improved scalability with an enhanced service experience for their customers. Details on the tests are documented in a jointly issued solutions brief (see
Bringing Simplicity to Complex Converged Mobile Networks).

“As a member of the Intel® Network Builders, NetNumber is working with Intel and the broader ecosystem to simplify the signaling-control and database layer of the network,” said Steve Legge, vice president of Corporate Development, NetNumber. “As an Intel Network Builders partner, NetNumber has been able to demonstrate TITAN’s high performance, distributed signaling and database architecture utilizing the performance of Intel® architecture and optimizing software in an NFV environment. We are very pleased to see the outstanding results of this effort.”

As a leading provider of centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) solution to the global telecommunications industry, NetNumber is the only company in the market able to combine all signaling protocols, including SS7/C7, SIGTRAN, ENUM, DNS, SIP and DIAMETER services, and perform centralized routing and network database services on a common, software-based platform infrastructure. NetNumber TITAN is transforming how operators deliver new high-definition voice and video services to their customers while drastically simplifying the network core and reducing operating costs through either COTS hardware or virtualized architecture deployment options.

Today, TITAN is deployed by more than 150 customers and on more than 350 servers on five continents. Its robust subscriber data management capability supports more than 200 billion transactions per month.

Learn more about TITAN or contact sales@netnumber.com.

About NetNumber
NetNumber, Inc. brings 15 years of experience delivering innovative signaling control solutions that enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. Today, we are the leading provider of Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to the global communications industry. Visit www.netnumber.com for more information. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

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