Radically Simplifying Signaling & Control – A Future Proof Investment

In an SS7 network, the Signal Transfer Point (STP) routes signaling messages based on their destination point code. It works as a router that relays SS7 messages between signaling end-points (SEPs) and other signaling transfer points (STPs). Typical SEPs include service switching points (SSPs) and service control points (SCPs). The STP is connected to adjacent SEPs and STPs via signaling links. Based on the address fields of the SS7 messages, the STP routes the messages to the appropriate outgoing signaling link.

The NetNumber STP application offers SS7/C7 Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and Signaling Gateway (SG) services over traditional TDM networks and/or IP-based SIGTRAN networks. The multi-protocol TITAN CSRC platform supports 15+ applications on a common ENUM, DNS, SIP, HTTP, SS7/C7, SIGTRAN and Diameter infrastructure. By selecting NetNumber for STP/SG services our service-provider customers are investing in a future-proof infrastructure that dramatically simplifies the transition from a TDM network to an IP network, and from a SS7/C7 based signaling working practice to the new SIP/Diameter based signaling paradigm.