Number Portability Trends: Custom Survey Analysis

A custom Heavy Reading survey report produced for NetNumber: August 2021

Number portability (NP) is not a new network capability but remains a vital one because it enables fixed and mobile subscribers to change communications service providers (CSPs) without having to endure the disruption of taking a “number change” when moving from one CSP to another. Furthermore, without NP, the percentage of uncompleted calls would increase exponentially.

NP is, by nature, a multi-CSP service, so the implementation requires extensive planning and testing among the CSPs to ensure all calls are successfully routed. As a result, some CSPs have chosen to simplify the implementation process by partnering with an NP service provider (SP) that maintains an up-to-date record of the numbers that have been “ported” from one CSP to another.

To understand the state of NP service delivery, Heavy Reading jointly developed with NetNumber a custom survey designed to document preferred NP routing data architectures, NP SP selection attributes, and NP routing data implementation challenges. The survey focused on several strategic markets: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

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