Calling Name

The Challenge
Without an authoritative database for Calling Name Delivery (CNAM) in the US, carriers rely on a multitude of CNAM providers to retrieve and present the Calling Name that is associated to a Caller ID. Old or inaccurate data negatively effects the end user subscriber’s experience of the call and can lead to phone calls not being answered.
The NetNumber Solution

NetNumber has partnered with First Orion, market leader in call identification services, to deliver a best-in-class CNAM service. The Calling Name Service produces over 70% coverage of all telephone numbers in the United States due to its comprehensive name database, advanced knowledge algorithms, and smart truncation.  This far exceeds traditional network CNAM capabilities.  Onboard data is updated every hour, eliminating the need to send referral queries to remote services for up to 80% of all CNAM lookups.

NetNumber’s Calling Name is available in two service options:

  • Standard, combines highly accurate industry data sources and advanced algorithms to return the best possible Calling Name information. Available as either a normalized response of 15 characters, or as a standard fully qualified name of up to 50 characters
  • Advanced, provides the added benefit of real-time scam call identification. The caller name is substituted with scam risk indicators (“Scam Possible” or “Scam Likely”), which enables the recipients to decide which calls to answer

Calling Name enables accurate CNAM Delivery

Key Features

Comprehensive CNAM Data
NetNumber’s partner, First Orion, is the one-stop shop for CNAM data, with over 70% coverage of all telephone numbers in the United States.

Fresh CNAM Information
NetNumber updates the onboard CNAM data every hour. This ensures that all the name changes are reflected in the database very quickly.

Normalized or Full Calling Name
Customers can choose the CNAM format that best suits their needs. This can be normalized to 15 characters or as a standard fully qualified name of up to 50 characters.

Scam Calls Identification
The optional Advanced Service component shows real-time scam call risk. This enables the recipients to decide what calls to answer.

Lightning-Fast Service
With the First Orion data source stored in the NetNumber data centers close to the customers’ location in AWS or even on customer’s premises, the Calling Name service is capable of the fastest response times in the industry.

Flexible Deployment
Calling Name can be deployed as a cloud service in AWS or on-premise.

Fully Redundant – Managed Service
NetNumber operates a fully redundant service which is managed and staffed 24×7. This ensures that you will receive carrier-grade service, availability and performance.

Use Cases

Calling Name Delivery

NetNumber is enabling multiple operators to display accurate calling name information to their subscribers. Most operators benefit from the onsite deployment, where the carrier-grade TITAN platform and the onboard CNAM database copy ensures the lowest possible latency. The CNAM database is kept fresh by retrieving regular updates from the NetNumber servers. The Caller ID of each incoming phone call is looked up in the local CNAM database copy. If a match is found, the corresponding Calling Name is shown on the display of the device used by the call recipient.

  • Provides access to CNAM data for over 70% of the telephone numbers in the United States
  • Is always up-to-date with hourly refresh of the CNAM information
  • Helps reduce robocalls and spam when using the Advanced Service option
  • Keeps the call setup time low when deployed on-premise or in AWS